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I fell asleep last night hoping that I wouldn't dream of anything (please don't respond saying that everyone dreams every night. I'm a psych major...I know). I was just having a sad day and lately I've been having dreams of Tulane or sorority or things that I miss, so I was really hoping to not have to wake up and deal with my dreams.

So in a fun, cruel trick of dreamworld, I alternated ALL NIGHT between dreams of Craig, Supervisor, and Nathan. And not even in the fun kind of way. No, I dreamed of all of them in the "getting back together, going on dates" kind of way. I'M STRESSED ENOUGH, I DON'T NEED THIS. And thennn, to top it all of, I woke up and put my iTunes on shuffle and The Spill Canvas comes up. Cute joke.

No point to this entry.
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